ICARB 2023

Measuring Net Zero:

Carbon Accounting for Buildings and Communities:

Ambitious GHG emission reduction targets and budgets are simply are not working. Globally emissions keep growing. Why? How can we bridge the gap between targets and emissions? Can we improve the way we account for carbon? NOW is time to get real about reducing emissions.

ICARB 2023 brings together industry, professional, policy makers and academics to tackle both the big questions, and the details, around carbon accounting for buildings and communities to clarify, inform, share, link and enable all involved from home owners to national governments.

Join us there in addressing a wide range of the key emissions reductions challenges, whether you represent a building company, a local authority or a low carbon community some to learn more about becoming Climate Positive in reality using correct and future-facing carbon accounting approaches. Read more about the conference here (about page). Al Gore called for action at Davos in 2023:


ICARB 2023 is responding to that call