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ICARB Review of Green House Gas (GHG) accounting tools in use in Scotland
Carbon accounting is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field, and the number and variety of tools available has expanded alongside new and enhanced methods, guidance and reporting requirements. In January 2013 an ICARB team from Heriot-Watt University, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the Crichton Carbon Centre submitted a Review of Green House Gas (GHG) accounting tools in use in Scotland to the Scottish Government. The report is centred around a detailed database of sectoral carbon accounting tools for the Climate Exchange ( ) and was designed to help a broad range of readers understand which tool might be best suited to their own purposes.

ICARB Resources

ICARB Annual Report 2011
A review of the activities that ICARB undertook in 2011 including a summary of the workshop outcomes.

Carbon Accounting Glossary 2011
A glossary of the key terms in Carbon Accounting.

LCA Resources

Life Cycle Assessment Discussion List
The LCA discussion list is a platform to discuss issues related to life cycle assessments. On a regular basis LCA experts and practitioners make important contributions regarding methodology, the sharing of data, and important events in the LCA community. It is also an opportunity to ask questions.

Public Sector Resources

Common Approaches to Carbon Assessments in the Public Sector

“This paper describes the uses of carbon assessments, offers suggestions on how consistency could be improved, proposes some common principles which public bodies could consider, and seeks views on next steps.”

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Energy Resources

Fuel Mix Disclosure Website
Information from electricity suppliers on the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity they supply and the environmental impact of its generation.

ESU Services website
A valuable source of many journal papers and access to LCA practitioners, including LCA case studies for energy projects.

BMRS Website
“This BMRS website provides near real time and historic data about the Balancing Mechanism which is used by the National Grid (System Operator) as a means of balancing power flows on to and off the electricity Transmission System in Great Britain.”

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Cape Grim Greenhouse Gas Data
The latest greenhouse gas data updated monthly from one of the cleanest air sources in the world.