Energy Workshop Presentations and Minutes

The ICARB Energy workshop on the 16th April attracted over 30 academics, policy makers and consultants for a workshop and lively discussion. The key points have been summarised below and the minutes and the presentation are at the bottom of the page.


The workshop discussed carbon accounting in the power sector in three broad areas: current guidelines and practices; software and data sources; and a potential standard framework and an accreditation system. The workshop was well attended by a cross section of stakeholders. It is agreed that future workshops should include more industry representatives from the power sector as well as carbon accounting software developers and even database creators in order to further improve ICARB’s impact into carbon accounting practise in the power sector.

A framework and review process is critical to decision making. There are levels of carbon accounting appropriate to different stakeholders and this must be reflected in developed guidelines. ICARB should include other institutions/initiatives working in carbon accounting in the development of any guidelines.

Download the full ICARB Energy Workshop Minutes

Carbon Accounting in the Power Sector | Camilla Thomson and Samuel Chapman

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