Grid Carbon Intensity Workshop Presentations and Minutes


The discussion session was centred around (though not limited to) three broad questions:

a. Are the official annual average grid carbon intensities indicative of the electrical energy that we use? Why, in previous years, have these figures varied so much?

b. Do we need to think about how carbon intensity varies over the year, and throughout a given day, to understand the carbon impact of specific technologies?

c. As we electrify both transport and energy use in buildings, what impact will this have on the electrical infrastructure of the UK and, in turn, the carbon intensity of electricity generation?

Download the full Grid Carbon Intensity Workshop Minutes


Carbon Intensity of Electricity: Towards More Realistic Numbers | Professor Gareth Harrison

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Marginal Emissions Rates in Energy System Change | Dr A.D. Hawkes

[slideshare id=8445755&doc=hawkesicarb-110628072143-phpapp01]


How Much Carbon is in a kWh? | Dr David Jenkins

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