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The Use of Ecological and Carbon Footprint Analysis in Policy Making Using the REAP Model | Robin Curry

A range of Northern Ireland policies and strategies were evaluated using an environmental input-output analysis model (the Resources and Energy Analysis Programme, REAP). The analysis provided the first regional evidence base that current sustainable development policy commitments would not lead to the necessary reductions in either the Ecological Footprint or CO2 emissions. The paper will present the outputs of the analysis and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of environmentally-extended I-O models (EE-IO) for allocating Ecological and Carbon Footprints, production and consumption based reporting of the Carbon Footprint and some options for assessing the accuracy of the estimates derived from EE-IO models.

[slideshare id=10403826&doc=robincurry-theuseofecologicalandcarbonfootprintanalysisinpolicymakingusingthereapmodel-111130140347-phpapp01]