Workshop: Statistics for Researchers and PhD Students

16-18 July 2014, The lecture theatre, Post Graduate Centre, Heriot-Watt University

ICARB is pleased to be supporting this three day workshop programme with Jane and Rex Galbraith of University College London assisting researchers with the use of statistics.

The event is hosted by IBUD and Chaired by Sue Roaf and Alicia Montarzino (EBSU-Environmental Behaviour Support Unit) at Heriot-Watt University. If you meet the criteria (see below) you can register for free by emailing

Tuesday 16th July

9.30 Welcome
The Role of Statistics in Research
Statistical Pitfalls
11.00 Coffee/tea and informal discussion
Data Analysis using Statistics and Probability
12.30 Lunch and informal discussion
Tuesday afternoon: Potato sampling exercise, simple linear regression
15.30 Tea and informal discussion
Statistical Issues in Thermal Comfort research
Participants describing their problems and questions and (maybe) answers
17.00 End

Wednesday 17th July

9.30 Sample survey methodology and sources of error
Illustrated by results of potato sampling exercise and thermal comfort surveys;
11.00 coffee/tea and informal discussion
Graphical presentation of data illustrated by results of potato sampling exercise and other examples
12.30 Lunch and informal discussion
Investigating bivariate and multivariate data: regression, logistic regression, graphical representation
15.30 Tea and informal discussion
Further topics as requested
17.00 End

Thursday 18th July

9.30 Statistical Clinic
Book an Hour to discuss your own study
12.30 End

About the course

With the increasing interest in impacts of behaviours and perceptions on issues of comfort, energy, GHG emissions and climate change we are holding this expert workshop to explore related statistical issues with two leading statisticians from University College London who have specialised in the field.

This is a unique opportunity for young researchers and PhD students to immerse themselves for two days in the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities in applying the correct statistical analysis to their own subject areas. Jane and Rex Galbraith will also have time to carry out a statistical clinic for any specific questions emanating from the course of for those already facing specific challenges.

Please forward this on to anyone you think might benefit from and enjoy these two days working with other young researchers on the application of statistics to climate human behaviours and responses in a changing climate.

Jane Galbraith is an Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Department of Statistical Science at University College London. Rex Galbraith is an Honorary Reader in the Department of Statistical Science at University College London.

This course has been organised in conjunction with the Institute for Building and Urban Design at Heriot Watt University, The Energy Technology Partnership and the Edinburgh Climate Exchange.

To sign up send an email to Sue Roaf at